Pack Walks

$39 - 1 dog | $74 - 2 dogs, same home | Pay monthly - 5% OFF

Pack Walks provide the ultimate instinctual social experience for dogs.  On a pack walk, dogs socialize in a structured environment creating balance and harmony in each adventure. Dogs  communicate, respond and behave appropriately with other dogs in the pack.

Pack Walks are roughly three hours of outdoor, off-leash training and fun, running through trails, hills, fields and rivers--no two pack walks are the same!

Pack walks address:

  • Basic obedience and impulse control

  • On- and off-leash training and recall

  • Redirecting prey drive

Before joining a pack walk, dogs must be assessed for compatibility. Contact us to schedule a free home visit.



Private Walks


We invite your and your family to join us on a Pack Walk! Experience the fun and magic of being part of a dog pack and even lead the pack if you want! Photos and videos encouraged.