For the love of dog.



A lifetime-lover of dogs, Wyatt Bright credits dogs with teaching him what it means to live in the moment. With a degree in animal care and a background in canine health and obedience training, Wyatt took an internship with top trainer Kim Yeager before establishing his own training business in 2015.

Through hands-on experience and a deep understanding of canine psychology, Wyatt has developed an approach that centers on respect and balance. He works with owners to change their own behaviors through confidence-building and respectful techniques for establishing leadership.

Wyatt believes every dog and owner pair can build trust and confidence. He loves witnessing a family’s progress and the joy and relief that accompanies it. He serves on the board of Passion4Paws, as their primary trainer in the Burlington area.



Georgia majored in animal science and specialized in farm management at a vocational high school, while gaining hands-on experience at a Massachusetts zoo. For three years, she worked as a veterinary technician and farmhand.

Georgia began pack walking to further connect with and improve the lives of animal companions. With her in-depth knowledge of canine health and behavior, she is a natural leader and an invaluable asset to the Trail Tails team.



Whit graduated college with a psychology degree, but as he gets older, he finds himself reflecting on relationships with friends and family. He considers dogs not just pets but family. 

His passion for dogs has taught him how to build stronger relationships.  Dogs care with their whole being.  When they are happy, they let you know from their eyes to their tails.  It is Whit’s goal to help owners and their dogs to build those special bonds.  Teaching dogs how to fit in through pack walks and exercise is a huge piece of that puzzle.