Jody Tritt:

“We first heard of Wyatt from our veterinary office. At the time our dog Max had just turned a year old. Though he was smaller than most boxers, what he lacked in size he made up for in personality and anxiety. We desperately wanted to make him a part of our family, but his nervous energy and mischievous nature made it hard to include him sometimes. From the moment Max met Wyatt, we knew good things where in store. He offered so much insight into the minds of dogs and instantly connected with Max and our family. Wyatt ran Max through obedience training, took him on tri-weekly pack walks, and trained Max at his house for a two week “boot camp”. Not only did Wyatt work with Max, he worked with our family, teaching us how to respond to Max’s anxiety, how to make him the most comfortable, and how to keep him in control. The results were incredible. Max now has little to no anxiety and behaves beautifully around other dogs and humans. In the beginning Max couldn't take the twenty minute ride to the vet, he would bark and howl. After all the work Wyatt had done with us, we were able to take Max on a nine hour car ride so he could partake in our family vacation. Wyatt continues to take Max on pack walks three times a week in order to socialize him and help Max get rid of extra energy. Max eagerly waits by the door every morning for his next adventure. Throughout the obedience training and discipline, Max has not lost his personality. He is still a charismatic and lovable dog.

Wyatt is not your typical dog trainer. He doesn't just train dogs he forms a bond with them. He assesses each dog as an individual in order to formulate the best way to help them. He truly loves every dog he meets. His work extends to helping dogs in need find loving and caring forever homes. Every dog family, would be lucky to have a little of Wyatt in their life. He has been our hero and we will continue to support him and seek his guidance in the years ahead. We set out to find Max a trainer and in doing so we found him a friend. Wyatt Bright is the best person to help your dog. Two paws up! “


Kim Ready:

“The day I met Wyatt I knew he was someone I wanted in my life forever. He first began pack walking and training my black Labrador Baron and now walks with my yellow lab Shelby. From the first walk my dogs learned how to be more patient and respectable but most importantly they had fun being with other dogs. I know Shelby is safe with Wyatt who is always honest, reliable, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Wyatt and his crew, when it’s Pack day, it’s ‘the most wonderful day of the year!’”

The Walsh’s:

“Each week Hogan and Lucy eagerly wait by the window in anticipation for their pack leader Wyatt to arrive. They love their days with Wyatt and their pack pals. They come home exhausted after their days of adventure. We are very fortunate to have Wyatt a a part of our extended family. He is such a kind soul. He loves these dogs like they were his own.”