Individual Sessions

1hr. Session - $100

At-home one-on-one training for you and your dog, tailored to your unique goals and challenges, including behavioral issues like aggression, dominance, obsessions, vices, anxiety, and phobias. After each session, clients receive a follow-up email including practice exercises and relevant articles on dog psychology and body language. Depending on the severity of unwanted behaviors, some families may require multiple sessions. We


4 Sessions - $360

We’ll introduce you and your dog to the world of dog training and psychology. Learn to set boundaries, teach basic obedience and harness your dog’s Qi to effectively communicate. The foundations are key for every puppy or adult dog. It is never to late.

The Well-Mannered Dog

6 Sessions - $510

We’ll learn the fundamentals and then expose you and your dog to more advanced training techniques. Learn what behaviors are acceptable and how to follow through with teaching the appropriate behavior. Strangers will comment on how well-behaved your dog is in public. Enjoy being a calm and assertive leader while strangers comment on how well-behaved your dog is in public!

Ruff Days Are Over

8 Sessions - $640

Get ready to trust yourself and your dog in ANY situation. Grow your patience and competence as you visualize previously stressful obstacles as opportunities. Enjoy life with the happy, healthy and balanced dog you’ve always dreamed of.

Superstar Dog

10 Sessions - $750

Your dog will undergo a complete transformation during this ten-session course. He will be mindful of other dogs and people of all ages and sizes. He will fully respect the rules and boundaries we impart. Your bond with your dog will grow stronger than you could have imagined. You will become the strong leader your dog wants. This package is especially recommended for dogs with undesirable behaviors that result in dominance and aggression.

House Sitting

$65 + $10/dog & $5/cat