Leading dogs and their owners to balance and harmony.

Training and exercise programs for all kinds of dogs in Burlington, Vermont.


What We Offer

A happy dog is a happy owner. Get the dog you’ve always dreamed of!


The Pack Walk

The ultimate dog-walking service. Three hours of exercise and socialization for your pooch — with pick-up and drop-off service!

Private Walks

Become an integral part of the walk with a private pack walk. You’ll learn to lead the pack while your dog enjoys the benefits of socializing.

Dog Training

Personalized training for dogs of all ages and temperaments. Several package options depending on your goals and challenges.


Our Philosophy

We believe every dog and owner pair can achieve a strong, trusting bond. A good dog begins with a good human. We use confidence-building and leadership techniques to harness a dog’s natural instincts and achieve balance.


What people are saying:

“Wyatt is not your typical dog trainer. He doesn't just train dogs he forms a bond with them. He assesses each dog as an individual in order to formulate the best way to help them. He truly loves every dog he meets.”

“I know Shelby is safe with Wyatt who is always honest, reliable, and trustworthy. I highly recommend him and his crew!”

“Each week Hogan and Lucy eagerly wait by the window in anticipation for their pack leader Wyatt to arrive. They love their days with Wyatt and their pack pals. They come home exhausted after their days of adventure.”

Contact Us

We’re currently accepting new clients for training and pack walks. It’s never too late to start the adventure!

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